Self-Awareness, Humility, and Continuous Improvement

As I work with leaders, something I consistently see is their struggle with confidence, and their ability to influence.


What most people don’t know is the answer lies in love.


Once they realize that they simply need to apply the Golden Rule, the results are surprising: They lead naturally and start bringing out the best in others; they develop confident capable employees; and, they find they have more fun and freedom and less stress in their lives.


Perhaps most important, they satisfy what they’ve been craving. Now, they’ve created the culture that they, and their team, always wanted. This is when synergy takes over and the results are astounding!

The first step is critical. When you exhibit the self-awareness and humility that shows you need to learn and improve, continuously, you set the example and encourage others to do the same.

A continuous cycle focused of self-discovery and adjustment, leading to personal improvement that you demonstrate for others to help them on their journey.

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“Companies that did business from a foundation of love and purpose and practiced servant leadership produced a 1026% return to shareholders over a 10-year period, 8 times more than ‘Good to Great’ companies.” (Coetzer, 2019)

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