Discovering and applying the four communication styles will help project managers improve leadership skills by communicating more effectively.

Good communication skills continue to rank among the most desired. They include verbal and non-verbal, as well as written and listening skills.


Four Communication Styles

Building Trust and Confidence

68% of recruiters rated communication skills as one of the top five

Critical to good communication is your ability to read others, establish mutual trust, and connect. When project managers establish trust and confidence, they lead more effectively than their peers.

Simply put, good communication skills enable you to connect with your team, so that you become one of the project managers who , meet their deadlines, stay within budget, and remain in high demand.

Bridging Communication Gaps

While your goal is to inspire your team, it all starts with being able to connect with individuals. Because people interpret things differently, you may have to modify your message in order to reach everyone.

Good News – you only have to learn to connect with four communication styles
More Good News – you only have to answer two questions correctly

  • Are they introverted or extroverted?
  • Are they people- or task-oriented?

By learning the indicators, you can answer these questions with confidence and begin to bridge communication gaps that so often undermine your message.

Download my free Relate and Communicate eBook to increase your understanding of the four styles, to include tip sheets with 19 indicators that will help you answer the introvert/extrovert and people-oriented/task-oriented questions correctly.

Fundamentals of Communication

The beauty of learning to use any of the assessment tools on the market is that they will dramatically shorten the learning curve for improving your project management leadership skills.

As I became increasingly aware of different behavioral styles, I found the DISC assessment to be an easiest to understand and apply.  It contributes to improving your self-awareness, adapting to your blind spots (which we all have), and being and effective communicator.

Finally, since the purpose of communication is to achieve common understanding, project managers can demonstrate good communication skills fastest by applying knowledge of the four communication styles.