What’s a Blind Spot?


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“I got to see myself from a different point of view. I found out a lot about myself that I really didn’t know before, which is helping me communicate better with others now.”

Jake Garrison

Service Manager, AirMasters

My ADVanced Insights assessment has been one of the most illuminating personal/career tools that I have ever used.  Less than one half-hour to complete, it is astounding the specifics I learned about my personal strengths…  and my blind spots.  Armed with greater self-awareness, I am better prepared to interact with people of all styles.  If you want to be a more effective leader, team player, or communicator, I recommend Tom’s workshop as well.

Irene G.

Conference Attendee


These assessments have been eye opening for our leadership team.  By reviewing the challenges and gifts of each team member, we have been able to re-design job descriptions to meet the strengths of the team, thus increasing sales by 50%.


Kelly P.

President, Marketing & Sales Firm


Blind Spot vs. Weakness:
  • A blind spot is something you're aware of and are able to make the necessary corrections
  • A weakness is something you are unaware, or you choose to do nothing about
  • Think back to when you were learning to drive
  • Biology tells us that we have a blind spot forty-five degrees off of each eye



Corrective Action:
  • Turn your head
  • First, know your blind spots...


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