“I developed habits that are making me more productive. You simply don't know how much better you can be or how much more you can accomplish until you work with Tom. The time saving strategies that he taught me have provided me with more time at work and home. I am much less stressed and I have a more balanced life now.”


Maureen Gallagher

Patner, RWG&D


“Tom Crea is a fantastic coach and a world-class guy. … (his) insights and guidance helped me improve my leadership skills, build a stronger team, and deliver even better results... he helped me develop and grow as a coach, a leader, and as a person.”


Brian Kutchma

VP Sales, BlackBox


"Tom’s services were instrumental in helping me get my management career jump started. The team approach that I use as a result of my coaching experience has helped me develop exactly the environment I had hoped to achieve. All members of my team have benefited from my training, and as a result, they work together to promote each others’ successes, as well as their own."

Lisa Austin

Financial Services Manager, Prudential


“… His experience is evident and he has helped me tremendously.”


Marty Stranges

Owner, Pittsburgh Computer Solutions

Is this you?

  • Not enough resources
  • Expected to meet unrealistic deadlines
  • Assigned people who don’t report to you

You ask, how do I:

  • Magically accomplish goals
  • Achieve balance?
  • Realize less stress?
core leadership values