Applying DISC

Applying DISC

Be able to answer two questions about anyone you meet and get a leg up on building relationships.

What does this video address regarding others’ communication styles?

  1. Are they an introvert of extrovert?
  2. Are they people- or task-oriented?
  3. Determine their preferred communication style.

Video Text: Applying DISC

If you look at the top half of that chart, the D the decisive, the I the interactive those are the extroverts of the world. If you look at the bottom half, the stabilizers and the cautious, those are the introverts of the world.

Now, let’s split this diagram east-west.  If I look at the left side, the Ds and Cs are task oriented people, and if I look at the right side the Is and the Ss. Those folks who are Ds are focused on goals, and when I go around back to the southwest corner here, you’ll see the difference between goals and tasks. What do you think the difference between goal and tasks? Goals are a little more overarching, more visionary and tasks are specific. The Is are interested in people, but the Ss are more about relationships.

So if I’m at a bank I’m going to have marketing and sales folks and they’re probably, percentage wise, — not all the time — they’re going to be in the I. They’re going to be extroverted, they’re going to be outgoing and they are going to be more people oriented than task-oriented. Whereas the folks that are behind the counter, the teller area, they are about the relationships.  They want to treat people nicely, they want to be treated nicely, and that’s what they focus on.

Now if I take one more lap around this particular diagram here those are the directors of the world, these are the sales and marketing folks, those are customer service, and those are the finance, the IT, the tactical, the accountants

Now, if I can answer two questions are they an introvert or extrovert, and are they people-oriented or task oriented, I can put them in a quadrant.  Guess what, I have a leg up on how to treat them.  Their language is sweet to them like I spoke to the a waitress in German.

If I can speak to them in their language, I’m going to be much more likely to connect with that person. If I am more likely take connect with that person, I’m more likely to get the response I desire.

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