How important is Balance?

What does this video address about achieving goals?

  1. What are the major goal areas or categories?
  2. Why might achieving fewer goals in each category be a more effective strategy when you start?
  3. How important is balance?

Video Text: Balance

Think back to when you started riding a bicycle. How important was balance? Extremely important. If you didn’t have balance you’re going to fall and the more balance you have, the more enjoyable your ride was.

Now, if we look at only one part of the circle and here’s how this works … what I ask people to do when I work with them, I say, okay I want you to look at each segment of that chart as a pie, and you have only the personal wheel.  I want you to say, okay how satisfied am I in each of those six categories? Then, you take your pen or pencil and you shade in and start with the mental, for instance, and you go from zero to one hundred percent in each of the six categories. I want you to shade in how satisfied you are.

Now you might say, oh I only need to exercise twice a week and I’m thrilled and I’ll be at a hundred percent. Where as somebody else might say if I’m not working out five or seven times a week then I’m going to be fifty percent. So the key part of this exercise is what’s important to you is how you shade that circle.  Then, we’ll get to the next part.

So this next slide starts with only one circle.  So imagine you shaded your personal circle something like that and everybody’s going to have a different amount of shading.  Now, imagine this being the unicycle, a lot harder to balance a lot harder to enjoy the ride. You have to be very good at it.  so let’s put on the other wheel and  we have a bicycle again, we have these two shaded wheels.  Now imagine that being a bicycle and you’re riding that bicycle and what happens if you have a flat it’s harder to ride correct right? Has anybody ever bent their rim? So if I take off the rims right now this is what we have.

How you shade that wheel, how satisfied you are in each of those areas of life is a great indicator of how much balance you have in your life. So you might be better off to collapse it and be at fifty or sixty percent in all of them, as opposed to one hundred percent in one and ten percent in another. Because if you imagine that being your bicycle and now it’s rolling down the road it’s going to be to very bumpy ride and you’re not going to like.

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