Formula for Success

Formula for Success

CEOs attribute 85% of the reason for their success to one variable.

What success questions does this video answer?

  1. What is the formula for success?
  2. Studies indicate that, Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude contribute to your success?
  3. Which variable do most CEOs credit for their success?

Video Text: Formula for Success

Alright, now we’re going to talk about a formula for success.  So success — what is success — now success is defined by whether or not you achieve your goals not whether or not you achieve his goals or her goals but whether or not you achieved your own goals and if you achieve your goals you’re going to feel happy and satisfied about that and that’s the definition of success and one that you should be very very proud of.

Because too often people will get consumed with whether or not they have enough money or not, this or not that, but those aren’t necessarily important things.  What makes you happy is a good measure of success.  Now how do you get to success. What happens if we were talking about those boundaries and you find that you’re outside the boundaries, spending too much time to here or too much time there.  Well, if you want to achieve success what do you need to do, you need to set a goal. You have to set it, but what happens if you have that goal and you’re not reaching that goal?  Then you have to do something differently, right? So let’s call that change.

Now, what if I said to you I wanted to lose weight and I have a habit of going to Dunkin Donuts every morning and getting a cup of coffee and I get two doughnuts with it? You know that’s not a good habit. I need to change that habit but what if I change that habit to say, alright I’m gonna do something different. I’m gonna go to Krispy Kreme now and I’m gonna get a cup of coffee but I still get two donuts. I’ve changed my habit. I’ve gone to a different place, but it’s not a positive change and so that’s the key part of what we’re gonna do.

When we want to achieve success we have to make a positive behavior change and that’s what this part of the equation stands for, PBC, positive behavior change. So now I’m going to talk to you about the left side of equation.  What are the parts that are important to achieve success? What do you need to do?  Well the first part that I would talk about is mG that stands for my goals.  So you guys are working on perhaps is the Eagle Scout project and I believe if I understand correctly, you get to choose what that project is.  Now that’s extremely important.  Why? Because if you pick the project you’re going to be a much more passionate about pursuing whatever it is you decided to do than if somebody told you I want you to do this or I want you to do that. You all agree okay so that’s very important .

So the next thing we’re going to talk about is this part of the equation.  If you remember, most of you probably have taken out with some perhaps not but let me explain to you what these variables are and how important.  The one that’s on the outside the multiplier, the A, that gets multiplied by the S and the K. Well the S and the K stand or skills and knowledge.  What do you think the A stands for? Attitude.

So great answer.  This is why it’s a great answer.  There are studies that tell they’ve been done over and over again that address this particular issue and they credit 85% of the success an individual has in business in their job to attitude and they credit the other 15% to aptitude which is which are the skills and the knowledge.

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