Returning Loyalty

Returning Loyalty

What distinguishes true loyalty toward upper management?

What leadership questions does this video answer?

  1. Is loyalty a two-way street?
  2. Should management be loyal to employees?
  3. Should employees be loyal to management?

Video Text: Returning Loyalty

Major: What’s the first thing you do when you’re given an order?

My friend Steve: execute it sir.

Major: Wrong!  The first thing you do when you’re given an order – you execute the order as if it were your own

Think about that. so Steve was going through the motions and the Major knew it, and was not happy camper.  Can you imagine if you did that to your vice president? They said, go and do something and you just kind of went through the motions. Then guess what: everybody on your team is going to follow along just the way you did. Not good for a leader.

Look if you don’t like it you have to have the intestinal fortitude or that “P” on L-D-R-S-H-I-P, the personal courage to say to your boss either I don’t agree and here are my reasons or I don’t understand, would you help me please?

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