Values and Beliefs

Values and Beliefs

Values, your deepest held beliefs.

They matter, they matter a lot, because they are important to you. 

Values are important to companies too.


What leadership questions does this video answer?

  1. Why are values so important to us?
  2. Why are they necessary for companies too?
  3. Why is it so important that leaders live the company values?

Video Text: Values & Beliefs

Beliefs, those things that are important to you.

Values, your deepest held beliefs… and they matter, they matter a lot because they represent your convictions and they’re important to you. Now, that same thing should apply for a company as well.

Whatever the company values are we need people to live those values. Imagine if we have a leader or person on the team who decides to take a different path to achieve the goal.

What does that do? I’ll tell you what it does, it creates confusion. So back to vantage points – we need to consider them, yes, but what we really need is for everybody to live the same values, what we really need is for the leader to be aligned and set the example, and when you do that, you give people a reason to follow

So I’m licking my wounds one weekend reading this very dog-eared book. My roommate comes walking in and he says why are you reading that book? You don’t need to read that, you’re going to be the boss.

I’m thinking, WHOAA, am I in the right place? Either my roommate has it right or I do. I’ll admit I’m a little rattled so they sent me to LA for flight school you know lower Alabama. Now Sergeant X works for me and we have this rule an Army Aviation – 12 hours bottle the throttle – meaning, you cannot work on the aircraft for 12 hours from the time of your last drink, and/or any residual effects of the alcohol, and all I wanted to do was fly that Saturday.

I have this decision to make; three different career professionals taught me two very important things.

Number one, they communicated that if I was going to be a leader in their army, I needed to live their values.

Number two, they said look if you’re going to be the leader you have to set the example and make the right decisions, you have to live what you said, you have to follow the rules and set the example and share those values that we believe in.

Alignment, it starts with you. Your values are like magnets – they attract people they retain people.

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