Vantage Points

Vantage Points

Are you looking at the problem from other team member vantage points?

What leadership questions does this video address?

  1. What is your vantage point regarding the problem?
  2. What about the perspective of other members on the team?
  3. How we see the problem depends upon our vantage point.

Video Text: Vantage Points

Now, I actually want everybody to do this. I want you to make a V-shaped window, arms locked, extended so you can see. Now, for those of you who are making a U none of this soft curvy stuff, I’m an army guy; hard, straight lines Alright, 12 o’clock, what do you see? Shift your window to 11, and then to 1, everything changed, right? An entirely different picture.

Now do this 12 o’clock – tilt your head to the left, tilt your head to the right – once again everything changed, didn’t it? Well, there’s an issue of vantage points here, right? Your perspective, that changes how you see things.

Now look, Houston, all we need to hold attitude is one fixed point in space, is that not correct? “Yeah, roger that Jim” well, Houston, we’ve got one.

So whether you are the pilot in the cockpit, the crew chief, the engineers at mission control, or the astronauts, you have a different perspective on the problem. Everybody has a different vantage point for whatever the objective is and we have to take that in consideration.

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